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Junior Circuit


Current January 2017

The World Junior Circuit integrates national junior opens, regional and world junior championships, together with World Under-19 quarterly rankings for the players.

In essence, WSF registers events, but does not become involved in their seeding or management; then uses the Under-19 results to produce rankings. Full details are below.

The events benefit from the increased status for sponsors and media, being featured on the WSF World Calendar, using the WSF logo and entry encouragement too.

1.        EVENTS

  • The spread is World Juniors, Regional Junior Championships and the National Junior Open of any WSF Full/Associate member nation. Results achieved in the main draw of National Open titles registered with PSA are also used.
  • Registration is required a minimum of three months before the start.
  • There is no registration fee payable.
  • Events may still register if they don’t run both categories at the same time, but only where both male and female events are offered during the year.
  • WSF has no involvement in the general rules, staging and seeding of the events, which come under the respective National or Regional Federation, excepting for the World Individual titles.
  • Tournament Software (produced by Visual Reality) is required to be used to handle the event so that it integrates with all the results and the WSF SPIN/Ranking systems.

2.        RANKINGS

  • The rankings are male and female at Under 19 age group levels.
  • Rankings are published quarterly at the start of the following months: February, May, August* and November. *The August listing will be delayed if necessary so that the World Junior Championships can be included in it, irrespective of it possibly finishing after the start of August in any year.
  • As rankings are quarterly they are intended as a seeding guide rather than for direct seeding use.
  • Events finishing before or on the last day of the final month of the period are included in the next listing.
  • Rankings are based upon a rolling year i.e. earned points drop off after 12 months.
  • The basis of the rankings is:
  1. All players will have a divisor of three. The player’s best three events will be used for the purposes of providing the average.
  2. As necessary, the WSF Championships Commission will adjust these Rules as they monitor the Ranking system operation.
  3. A points boost will be provided to higher ranked PSA junior members via National Open results so that there will be a more accurate reflection of their positions, even if they don’t participate in many junior events.


There are three points tiers:

  • Tier 1  World Championships / National Senior Open Tour events
    Tier 2  Regional Championships (e.g. European, Asian Junior Individual) plus top level sub regionals/National Junior Opens (NJOs) such as British & Dutch Junior Opens (as determined by the WSF Championships Commission)
    Tier 3  All other sub regionals/National Junior Opens (NJOs)
  • Upgrading/downgrading is at the discretion of the WSF Championships Commission.

Ranking Points Breakdown:

Ranking points are offered as follows:

Tier 1    Tier 2    Tier 3
Winner                        200      125        75
Runner up                   140        78        45
3 / 4                               80        50        28
5 / 8                               40        25        13
9 / 16                             20        12          7
17 / 32                           10          6          –

  • Points are only earned where the first match in the main draw is started i.e. the player actually competes.

4.        PLAYERS

  • All competing players in all age groups must have a WSF SPIN Registration.
  • Players do not need to be PSA members.
  • A player whose 19th birthday is after the last day of the ranking period will be included in the respective ranking list.
  • Only points earned in an Under-19 event count towards that ranking list.


  • The WSF Office will register events, input results and publish the listings.
  • A Press release will accompany each publication.