Tuesday , 25 July 2017
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Registration is open to National Junior Open events along with World, Regional and Sub Regional Championships. Registration is applicable to the Under-19 age group only, and events must conform with the published information and general details below.


Events must be the Under-19 Individual Open of a WSF Full / Associate member nation, Sub-Regional Open e.g. Nordic Open, the WSF Regional Closed championship (e.g. European, Asian) or the WSF World Under-19 Individual. They must be administered by the Federation concerned.

• Acceptance of applications and their Tier points will be at the discretion of WSF.

• Applications must be received a minimum of three months before commencement.

• The event must be in knock-out format (or round robin in a play-off format that allows points to be awarded for rounds reached). Beyond that, the rules and seedings shall be that of the Federation.

• There is no prize money requirement.

• Tournament Software (produced by Visual Reality) is required to be used to handle the event so that it integrates with all the results and the WSF SPIN/Ranking systems.

• All competing players in all age groups must have a WSF SPIN registration.

• A WSF World Junior Circuit logo will be provided for use on all materials e.g. entry form, poster, programmes.

• There is no registration fee payable.