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Coach Education Programme

WSF, in conjunction with our regions and member nations, now offer a unified and standardised coaching structure that provides:

  1. Courses delivered by nations in conjunction with / by regions at all levels which all include agreed core-content and delivery method so that standards are uniform and qualifications achieved are recognised not only in their own nation but worldwide too.
  2. Higher standards where Certified courses are not already used.
  3. An expansion in the number of coaches who can help development of the sport generally and support elite performance.
  4. Improved quality and general availability of training materials.
  5. Via Tutor Certification ensuring that a full syllabus is effectively delivered.
  6. Provide a WSF worldwide directory of Certified coaches and Tutors.

Overall, WSF standardising and leading in conjunction with our regions gives squash a robust, modern, uniform and transportable worldwide coaching system.

The Current Position 

  1. The WSF Coaching Commission has finalised materials for Level 1 courses and Tutor guides.
  2. The Commission is now moving onto Levels 2 and 3.

The Start

 Coach Registration will open on Monday 2nd March and Courses can begin to Register on Wednesday 1st April.

 The Management (CEPC) 

Michael Khan manages the WSF Coach Education Programme (CEP) in conjunction with the WSF Office in his role as Coach Education Programme Coordinator (CEPC).

He reports to the Chair of the WSF Coaching Commission, and will liaise with the Course Managers appointed by each Region (Regional Course Manager – RCM), together with the National Course Manager (NCM) for all nations who participate. 

The General Information

In outline, anybody wishing to take a WSF Certified coaching course would need to Register themselves online as a Coach Candidate to enable their RCM to input their status as a WSF Level 1 Coach if they pass.

Anybody registering themselves as a Coach Candidate would have no designation or public listing. Only when they pass an Certified Course to become a Certified Level 1 Coach (Level 2 and Level 3 will be introduced later), or become a Certified Tutor will their name appear on the Directory of WSF Certified Coaches and Tutors on the WSF website.

The RCM automatically uploads course results so that names are listed on the WSF Directory (country, name, year), and a certificate will automatically be generated and emailed to the person, featuring their name, the level, date passed, the name of their country along with regional and WSF logos.

The Registration Process


RCMs will register all Certified courses in their region – using the Coach Registration numbers of all Candidates and Tutors to populate the details.

(Only courses that are authorised by Regions can be Certified, using their RCM login into the CEP Online System).
WSF does not charge a fee for course registration and nations / regions set their own course attendance fees and retain all income.

Coach status (see below) would be updated by the RCM with the qualification they have passed.

The means of updating the status of candidates would only be via their courses so courses would have to be Certified – using Registration numbers of Candidates and Tutors – before taking place.


Nations may run courses that are Recognised rather than WSF Certified if they wish. This would mean that the course content has been approved by CEP, but is not being delivered by WSF Certified Tutors.

In these cases RCMs will be able to add qualification details into the text section of the Coach profile of successful candidates, but this will not be publicly visible nor be WSF Directory listed. (It can be used as EPL – Evidence of Prior Learning, in the case of a person wishing to take a WSF course). 


All candidates and Tutors will need a SPIN to which they have added an additional Coach Registration in order to be registered for a course as their number would be transferred across from the database to identify them, similarly to player event entry.

(A person who already has a SPIN will be able to add their Coach status, using their existing numberand payment of additional fees, as required).

Coach Education Programme Panel (CEPP)

The WSF Coaching Commission will initiate a CEPP who will determine course Registration / Accreditation, EPL and other general specialist decisions required, in conjunction with the CEPC.

CEPP will also determine policy on acceptable recognition / EPL / current designations in respect to giving Levels to coaches / Tutors where this is uncertain during the initial transition period.   

Categories and Fees

The Coach Registration categories are as follows:
(Note: Only categories 1,2,5,6 will be available initially)

1        Candidate                                               5        Level 1 National Tutor

2        Level 1 Coach                                         6        Level 1 WSF Tutor

3        Level 2 Coach                                         7        Level 2 WSF Tutor

4        Level 3 Coach                                         8        Level 3 WSF Tutor

Fees are: 

Candidate £15

Level 1 Coach – No additional payment

Level 2 Coach – £25 additional payment*

Level 3 Coach – £50 additional payment*

*This payment is made in advance of the course as only those at the correct level can attend a course (so there will be no post-course payment, and anybody who fails would be able to re-take the course within the three year period that their payment has covered). 

There is no additional payment for Tutor qualifications

All Coach Registrations lapse after three years if no qualification is secured. If a Level 1 qualification is achieved during the three year period the Coach Registration is subject to renewal after three years of the date of qualification. Where a coach achieves a higher level then these also have three year periods from the date of upgrade and are subject to additional fees, together with the completion of required evidence of activity / refreshers.

Only Regions would be able to upgrade coaches from Candidate to Certified Coach at all levels. Similarly, Regions would be able to appoint and upgrade Tutors at all levels, but Level 3 would be subject to CEPP approval.

Regional Course Managers (RCMs)

The outline role and responsibility of RCMs, who are nominated by their Regional Coaching Commission, is to liaise with CEPC and NCMs and be generally responsible for supporting the CEPC and WSF office to implement agreed policies within their region in conjunction with NCMs.

They will coordinate the introduction and ongoing management of the coaching levels and coach / course registration in the region through the online system, assess RPL (Recognition of prior learning) for candidates coming from another CoachED programme, organise regional Level 1 and Level 2 tutor courses (with help of CEPC if necessary) and nominate WSF Level 1 and Level 2 Tutors from the region and endorsing participants for WSF Level 3 Tutor Training.

National Course Managers (NCMs)

The outline role and responsibility of NCMs, who are nominated by their National Coaching Commission is to liaise primarily with their RCM and CEPC as needed, and to be generally responsible for implementing agreed policies within their country in conjunction with their RCM and CEPC.

NCMs will organize facilities for courses to be run in their country, provide the RCM with a complete list of participants for each course, ensure that all the participants have a Coach Registration and provide evidence of coach activity.


Coaches Requirements Qualified by Course Endorsement
WSF Level 1 Aged 18 + basic demonstration skills Nat L1 or WSF L1/L2/L3 Tutor Region
WSF Level 2 WSF L1 or other accepted EPL WSF L2/L3 Tutor Region
WSF Level 3 WSF L2 or other accepted EPL WSF L3 Tutor Region and WSF



Tutors   Course endorsement
National Level 1 Minimum L2 Coach, 3 years coaching experience Regional L1 Tutor Course Member nation
WSF Level 1 3 years experience as National L1 Tutor, L2 coach, can present in English / common Regional  language nominated Region
WSF Level 2 3 years experience as WSF L1 Tutor, L3 coach Regional L2 Tutor Course Region
WSF Level 3 3 years experience as WSF L2 Tutor WSF L3 Tutor Course Region and WSF


Please contact Michael Khan, the CEPC appointed by the WSF Coaching Commission to coordinate the Programme, at office@mkhan.at with a copy to S.Maniam, Chair of the WSF Coaching Commission – maniamsq@gmail.com

Downloadable Coach Education Programme