Junior Circuit – Information



A reminder about details for these events that form part of the WSF and PSA Satellite Tours.

Covered are:

WSF World and WSF Regional Junior Championships

WSF National Junior Opens

WSF National Junior Championships

  • Results from all WSF Satellite Tour tournaments will count towards the PSA World Rankings. The National Junior Open and National Junior Championship tournament of a WSF Member Nation may be registered.
  • All Satellite Tour tournaments are run by WSF Members or sanctioned independent promoters. (Where there is a Junior Regional Circuit in place regional authorisation will be required for events not included in that circuit).
  • There are no requirements or restrictions for WSF Members or sanctioned promoters with regards to draw size, tournament format, etc. for any Satellite Tour tournament. The Satellite Tour for Juniors comprises Under-19 and Under-17 age group tournaments
  • PSA members and non-members can compete in all Satellite Tour tournaments. (To earn points for the PSA World Rankings, players will have to join the PSA).
  • All players competing in all WSF & PSA Satellite Tour junior tournaments will need a WSF SPIN registration.
  • There will be WSF World Junior Rankings at Under-19 and Under-17 level, separated out of the PSA World Rankings using results from all the PSA World Tour, PSA Regional Tour, WSF & PSA Satellite Tour. These begin at the start of August and will be published monthly.

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