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New Guidelines on Distraction


The following guideline has been agreed, with the support of PSA & WISPA, to help make play continuous and allow spectators to get fully involved without being requested to keep quiet. It is applicable immediately.

To enable squash spectators to more actively enjoy matches – indeed to encourage them to do so, and to acknowledge that at public venues there will be ambient noise, it has been agreed that the general provisions of Squash Rule 13.1.3 (distraction) will not be applicable for competitive events where crowd interaction and other general noise are present. Players will be expected to carry on and not stop, and referees will not call for quiet in respect of general audience and venue noise.

Exceptions would be where very loud, surprising and isolated distractions occur, but lets will not be given to players who stop playing during a rally except in these exceptional circumstances.

5 Responses to “New Guidelines on Distraction”

  1. Mike Greenwood says:

    To allow players to add this to either the Rules or Guidelines there should be a formal announcement stating it ia a Rule or a Guideline, indicating a number and where it should be put.

  2. Gerald Stanley says:

    I hope it doesn’t turn out like Power Snooker. Appalling!

  3. Sashe Tharan says:

    Let us see the outcome of this new rule in the next few tournaments. But this new law should be suspended if it gives a lot of disturbances to players. I think all rules which are going to be introduced in future should be related to the bid of squash as an event in the Olympics.


    What is IMPERATIVE for the good of the sport and the spectacle is a FULL REJECTION (Thus elimination from the rules) of RULES 9.1 and 9.2

    They favor only the “court hoarders/curtailers” without really addressing the issue of “safety/security” and simply reducing considerably the number of available shots to the striker in turn

    Want safety/security? Do as in raquetball: do not get in the ball’s trajectory and if you really wish to do it, jump or whatever to avoid being hit

  5. Wasiu sanni says:

    squash should enjoy everything that will make it a spectators game.


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