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These resources are available to WSF Registered Coaches / Tutors / Candidates for use in connection with WSF Coaching / Tutor courses.

They are copyrighted and so not available for other use, copy or circulation.



Course resources e.g. manuals, clips and resources, are available to WSF Registered Coaches / Candidate coaches.


WSF Level 1 Coaching Course – Video clips

These clips are a based on the practical parts of the WSF Level 1 course and are grouped into following competencies:

*** Competency I – Knowledge and Understanding (Including Generic skills)

*** Competency 2 – Skill of Delivery

WSF Level 2 Coaching Course – Video clips

*** WSF Level 2 Video Clips


Manuals and Presentations
     Level 1

*** WSF Level 1 Tutor Guide (PDF) – English

*** WSF Level 1 Tutor Guide (PDF) – Spanish

*** WSF Level 1 Presentation (PowerPoint)

*** WSF Level 1 Presentation (PowerPoint) – Russian

Level 2

*** WSF Level 2 Pre-Course Reading List 

*** WSF Level 2 Tutor Guide (PDF)

*** WSF Level 2 Presentation (PowerPoint)

*** WSF Level 2 LTPD PowerPoint Show


Level 3

*** WSF Level 3 Tutor Guide (PDF) – English

*** WSF Level 3 Coach Development (PowerPoint)

*** WSF Level 3 Anticipation Perception Decision Making (PowerPoint)

*** WSF Level 3 Factors that may affect Skill Acquisition (PowerPoint)

*** WSF Level 3 How to Coach using a Decision-Making Approach (PowerPoint)

*** WSF Level 3 Periodisation (PowerPoint)

*** Tactical Progressions (PowerPoint)

*** The physical background of Squash (PowerPoint)

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