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ACE Pictures Entertainment to Produce Nicol David Biopic

A biopic about the life of eight-time World Champion Nicol David – titled I Am Nicol David – is in the early stages of production after Malaysian digital media and film production investment company, ACE Pictures Entertainment, secured the exclusive rights to the development of the film.

With 81 professional titles, an unprecedented nine-year reign at World No.1 and three World Games gold medals under her belt, David is one of the greatest squash players to ever pick up a racket. I Am Nicol David will give audiences an insight into the untold personal life of the Malaysian superstar.

ACE Pictures Entertainment President Peter Wong said: “Hearing Nicol speak about her life story gave us a completely different view into the sacrifices that had to be done in order to achieve her remarkable level of success. While we believe many are willing to go beyond the ordinary for their careers as a pro athlete, the love and dedication Nicol has for the sport exceeds normal understanding.

“This is why her biopic will not be about an underdog’s rise to success – she was and always has been an established icon – but about a woman’s will and dedication so profound, it becomes life itself, and the complex struggles one has to face when confronted with the reality of having to let go of something so deeply apart of herself.”

No release date or casting details have been revealed at present.

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