Become a Referee

Each year, the WSF invites Member Nations and Regional Federations to nominate qualified candidates for recognition as WSF Referees.

WSF Full Member Nations and WSF Regional Federations may also re-nominate WSF Referees whose terms are about to expire, having been advised who by the WSF Office.

Only Full Member Nations and/or WSF Regional Federations may submit nominations for the position of WSF Referee.

Candidates must provide evidence of both natural or corrected 20/20 vision and normal hearing, verified by qualified medical professionals, with their submission.

Candidates must meet all the requirements detailed in the Competency Based Training & Assessment Programme for WSF Referees.

The International Referee Appointments and Re-Appointments Appeals Policy provides a mechanism to enable disputes about WSF Referee and Assessor appointments or re-appointments to be resolved fairly and expeditiously.

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