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Asian Teams Championships under way in Kuwait

The 16th Asian Team Championships got under way in Kuwait, appropriately running parallel to the European Team Championships in Germany.

Day one saw all the men’s teams except favourites India in action, with no upsets although Singapore pushed Jordan close and Taipei made Korea sweat a little.

In the women’s pools the top three seeds Hong Kong, Malaysia and India all won comfortably enough but Korea took a big stride towards the semi-finals with a 2-1 win over fourth seeds Japan.

Day ONE Team Results:

Pool A: [8] Jordan 2-1 [9] Singapore
Pool B: [7] Japan 3-0 [14] Iran, [2] Malaysia 3-0 [15]Palestine
Pool C: [6] Korea 2-1 [11] Taipei , [3] Hong Kong 3-0 [14] Iraq
Pool D: [5] Kuwait 3-0 [12] Sri Lanka, [4] Pakistan 3-0 [13] China

Pool A:  [1] Hong Kong 3-0 [8] Iran, [5]  Korea 2-1 [4] Japan
Pool B:  [2] Malaysia 3-0 [7] Sri Lanka, [3] India 3-0 [6] China

 Full results and photos 

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