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Brazil “back on the map” as 12-year absence from WSF World Junior Squash Championships set to end

After a 12-year-absence from the WSF World Junior Squash Championships, excitement is building in Brazil ahead of its return to the flagship junior squash championship this summer.

The South American nation, which has not sent a men’s team to the event since the 2012 edition in Qatar and has not sent a women’s team since hosting the 1997 edition in Rio de Janeiro, will send a full complement of players to the upcoming championships, which will take place in Houston, Texas from 12-23 July.

Led by coaches Fábio Cechin and Thaisa Serafini, men’s and women’s junior squads will take part in both the men’s and women’s team events – which are being held concurrently for the first time in history – as well as the individual events.

“It is great to be back at the WSF World Junior Squash Championships,” said Brazilian Squash Confederation President José Henrique Lopes. “I feel optimistic about the future of junior squash in Brazil. A lot of hard work has been done to put the country back on the map of world squash. This participation in the World Championship is a testimony to Brazil’s commitment to reaching new heights in the sport, and the support of all squash enthusiasts is crucial for this continued growth.”

Technical coordinator of the Brazil team, Renato Gallego, added that the return to the championships is part of a long-term focus on the continuous development of junior squash in Brazil. Initiatives like the “Squash of Tomorrow” programme, led by Maurício Penteado, have boosted the sport in recent years, ensuring results in South American championships and laying the groundwork for future international competitions.

Representing the first Brazil women’s team at a World Junior Championship since 1997 – a team that was coached by Fernando Cechin, uncle of Fábio Cechin and coach to Serafini – will be age group South American and Brazilian national champion Laura Silva, who will be supported by Gabi El-Masry, Linley Grosman, Alix Borges and Luiza Niemeyer.

The men’s squad, meanwhile, will consist of Isaias Silva, André de Almeida, Caio Paiva, Lucas Carlson, Matheus Frabetti and Lucas Pitta.

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