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Canadian government announces funding for squash at grassroots and high performance level

The Canadian squash scene was given a major boost last week when the government of Canada announced $706,000 CAD in funding for Squash Canada for 2022–23, including $19,000 for safety in sport.

Per a statement by Ministry of Sport, the investment will provide Squash Canada with the financial means to conduct its daily operations, promote squash among all Canadians, support high-performance athletes at the national and international levels, and ensure a safe sport environment for all athletes across Canada.

The funding included $150,000 to host two major PSA tournaments, the 2023 Canadian Men’s Open in Calgary – which was won on Saturday by Wales’ Joel Makin and the 2023 Canadian Women’s Open from March 26-30 in Toronto.

“We support sport organizations in their efforts to better serve their athletes and create safer training environments for everyone. Thanks to our support, Squash Canada will be able to do exactly that. We are giving athletes the opportunities to compete right here at home at a world-class level and showcase their skills. The 2023 Canadian Men’s and Women’s Opens will inspire young people to stay active, persevere and reach their goals,” said The Honourable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Sport and Minister responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec.

Mark Roberts, Chief Executive Officer for Squash Canada, added: “Squash Canada is honoured to receive $706,000 in financial support from the Government of Canada, including the Sport Support Program, which includes Safe Sport, and the Hosting Program.

“The opportunity to showcase and promote squash on home soil at the 2023 Canadian Men’s and Women’s Opens is one we are thrilled to have and excited to share with Canadians. Thanks to the support of the government, this funding will go a long way, helping Squash Canada continue to foster an environment that is welcoming, safe, fun and inclusive for all.

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