Clean Sport Education

Clean Sport Education

With the enactment of the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and the new International Standard for Education, anti-doping education has become a key step towards ensuring a clean and fair field of play. Effective education and clean sport values-based education programs are important to create a strong doping-free culture.

The WSF supports this principle and has put in place a strong and comprehensive Education Program for athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other members of the squash community. To learn more about these initiatives, you can consult the WSF Education Plan.

It is strongly recommended that all athletes, coaches and other Athlete Support Personnel take the time to get educated and informed using the many available anti-doping educational tools and resources. Topic-specific resources are included as direct links within that topic, other, more general resources and materials are listed below.

WADA ADEL Platform

ADEL is WADA’s global Anti-Doping Education and Learning Platform. ADEL welcomes anyone who wants to learn about clean sport – the e-learning courses are free for all.
There are courses for athletes of different levels, as well as for coaches, and other support personnel. These include:
• Athlete’s Guide to the 2021 Code
• Athlete Support Personnel Guide to the 2021 Code
• ADEL for Registered Testing Pool Athletes
• International-Level Athletes Education Program
• National-Level Athletes Education Program
• Parents of Elite Athletes Education Program
• High Performance Coaches’ Education Program
• Medical Professional’s Education Program

ADEL courses are available in many different languages. If your language is not available at the time of login, make sure to check the ADEL Roadmap section of the website to see what courses are currently being translated and to which languages.

ITA Athlete Hub

The World Squash Federation recommends regularly visiting the International Testing Agency’s Athlete Hub for the latest news, articles and informational resources. The Resources section is also helpful if you are looking for a specific document.

ITA Monthly Webinars

All members of the World Squash community are invited to take part in ITA webinar series. Each month, anti-doping experts are joined by an athlete guest to discuss key anti-doping topics relevant to athletes and Athlete Support Personnel. All webinars are free and accessible to any interested member of the global sport community. The webinars are delivered in English with simultaneous translation to Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.

Registration for each webinar opens 2-3 weeks prior to the live session on the ITA Athlete Hub and on the ITA social media channels. Previous webinar recordings can also be viewed on the Athlete Hub.

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