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Coach Roman Allinckx on why Squash57 is thriving in Barcelona

In the latest edition of ‘Get to Know’, we hear from Switzerland’s Roman Allinckx, squash57 coach and owner of the Squash Systems Academy in Barcelona, who discusses the thriving scene in Barcelona.

Roman, thank you for speaking with us today, can you tell us a little about how you first got involved in squash57?

“I began my squash journey in Kriens [Switzerland], where I lived for 20 years. However, I moved to Barcelona five years ago.

“I was teaching squash players at DiR Esportiu Rocafort and some members invited me to try it out.

“Due to its similarities with squash, I was able to start playing it immediately, but I became deeply interested in understanding and improving in the sport when I recognised its differences.

“Most of my students appreciate squash57 because they can experience the essence of squash while minimising the risk of injuries due to its reduced explosiveness and lower physical demands on the body compared to squash.

“Now, I have my own squash and squash57 academy at DiR.”

So it was already quite a bustling squash57 scene in Barcelona?

At DiR Esportiu Rocafort, where my Academy is located, the squash and squash57 community is vibrant. We organise internal leagues for both squash and squash57, fostering regular participation and healthy competition among our club members.

“Additionally, there are several national competitions held annually, providing our players with opportunities to test their skills on a broader scale within Spain.

“However, one aspect we’re working on is making the international squash57 scene more visible and accessible to local players, aiming to broaden their exposure and participation beyond national events.”

And how did you transition from playing to coaching?

“I began teaching squash57 classes after winning the National Spanish Championships in 2022. Players, particularly from DiR Esportiu Rocafort, became intrigued by my understanding of the game, and around four months later I undertook the [Squash57 Fundamentals] course.

“Fortunately, my father, who is always supportive and interested in assisting us, found the course online and promptly shared it with me.”

And what did you think of the course?

“The course is an excellent platform to thoroughly comprehend squash57, its fundamentals, and begin exploring coaching aspects.

“During the course, I delved into various aspects of the game through videos and readings, followed by completing questionnaires after each section of information.”

What do you think was the most valuable thing about the course?

“I gained extensive new information about the sport itself and learned technical aspects that were previously unfamiliar, which I’ve successfully implemented into my coaching sessions.”

“I highly recommend this course not only to those interested in squash57 coaching but also to anyone passionate about understanding the game and learning new techniques in squash57.”

It’s great to hear about how useful the course has been in your coaching career so far! Before we finish, was there anything else you wanted to add?

“Absolutely. While squash57 is indeed a fantastic alternative for older individuals, people with disabilities, or those seeking reduced joint impact, I must emphasise that it’s not exclusive to these groups.

“Having engaged in some intense squash57 matches, I can attest that it can be as demanding, if not more, due to the longer duration of the games!

About Squash57
Squash57 (also known as racketball in the UK) is a racket sport which uses a larger head racket and a larger (57mm), bouncier ball than in squash. This leads to fun aerobic lifetime sport that is suitable for all ages and abilities which is easy to start, hard to stop.

Find out more about the Squash57 Fundamentals Course here or click here to register.

To find out more about Roman Allinckx’s Squash Systems Academy or to book a session, send them an email or contact them on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

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