Coach Registration




Coaches must register for a Candidate Coach Membership before attending a Coaching Course. See Information for full details.

Coach Registration Fees are:

Level 1 Candidate Coach Membership (3 Years) – £16

Level 2 Candidate Coach Membership (3 Years) – £25

Level 3 Candidate Coach Membership (3 Years) – £50


All Coaches must hold a valid SPIN.  Please make sure you are logged into your WSF SPIN account and ensure your SPIN is valid before clicking on the button below to purchase your Coach Membership. Please renew or purchase your annual SPIN (if necessary) before attempting to purchase your coach membership.

If you require help accessing your WSF SPIN account please contact admin@worldsquash.org



All qualified WSF Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Coaches must also hold a valid Candidate Coach Membership (when current Coach membership expires).

If you require guidance on the Level of Coach Membership you require, please contact coaching@worldsquash.org

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