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Esteban Casarino reflects on squash’s success at South American Games and value of regional Games for the sport

The South American Games, a multi-sport event usually held every four years between South American nations, concluded last month, where squash made its third appearance at the Games, which were held this year in Asunción, capital city of Paraguay.

Esteban Casarino, former Paraguay No.1 and Former General Director – XII South American Games Asunción 2022, spoke with the WSF to reflect on the sport’s successful inclusion.

“It was a really successful participation, building on Medellin 2010 and Cochabamba 2018,” Casarino says.

“And it’s great for the sport to be part of such a big event, which hosted 4,500 athletes from 15 countries. 53 squash players from nine countries took part in what is for many South American athletes the first step onto the Olympic events.

“The quality of squash at Centro Nacional de Squash, a public centre within the National Sports Office of Paraguay, was also fantastic. A special mention has to go to Argentina’s Leandro Romiglio, who took the event by storm, conceding only one game in the tournament and defeating Ronal Palomino of Colombia 3-0 in the final.

“Laura Tovar of Colombia, too, was brilliant and her final against former South American champion Nicolette Fernandes of Guyana was such a well-disputed match, with Tovar taking it 3-2.

“Well done, too, to the entire Colombia squad, who won all three of the doubles medals as well as the women’s teams medal, with Argentina winning the men’s team gold.”

“We often hear questions about why it’s important for squash to be part of worldwide and regional games and this year was a good example. Most countries that took part in “Asunción 2022” received funding for preparation, including camps, hiring coaches or sending teams or players to train abroad. It can also help the National Federations to get better facilities.

“For example, the National Center in Paraguay was built after Paraguay’s good results in both South American and Pan American games in 2010 and 2011. It was recently improved to hold the South American Games and now has five courts, one with a movable wall, and a centre three-glass-wall court.

“Chile is building new facilities, including a National Center for next year’s “Santiago 2023” Panamerican Games in Chile. Also, the players who achieved a medal for their countries will continue to get funding for at least a year in most cases. Having all that in mind, there is an aspirational side, that of course helps in the main goal we all have, to make our sport bigger!

“I can’t wait for the next one!”

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Final standings for squash at the Asunción 2022 South American Games are below.

Final standings, South American Games 2022, singles

Men’s Singles Women’s Singles
(1) Leandro Ezequiel Romiglio (ARG) (1) Laura Viviana Tovar Perez (COL)
(2) Ronald Palomino Galeano (COL) (2) Nicolette Mary-Lou Fernandes (GUY)
(3/4) Juan Camilo Vargas Heredia (COL) (3/4) Maria Paula Moya Lopez (ECU)
(3/4) Rafael Thomas Galvez Zeuner (PER) (5/8) Lujan Palacios (PAR)
(5/8) Guilherme Farnezi De Melo (BRA) (5/8) Tatiana Damasio Borges (BRA)
(5/8) Francesco Marcantonio (PAR) (5/8) Lucia Paola Bautista Sarmiento (COL)
(5/8) Alonso Rafael Escudero Roman (PER) (5/8) Maria Antonella Falcione (ARG)
(9/16) Matías Andrés Lacroix Nova (CHI) (5/8) Maria Caridad Buenaño Araque (ECU)
(9/16) Damian Casarino (PAR) (9/16) Pilar Etchechoury (ARG)
(9/16) Gabriel Harold Torrez Porcel (BOL) (9/16) Ximena Rodriguez Leigh (PER)
(9/16) David Sebastian Costales Sandoval (ECU) (9/16) Natalia Arancibia Peralta (BOL)
(9/16) Alvaro Jose Buenaño Araque (ECU) (9/16) Fiorella Gatti (PAR)
(9/16) Pedro De Aguiar Mometto (BRA) (9/16) Thaisa Serafini (BRA)
(9/16) José Tomás Gallegos Vega (CHI) (9/16 )Luciana Camila Castillo Barcena (PER)
(9/16) Cristhiam Fabian Roldan Lopez (BOL) (9/16) Ashley Staci Khalil (GUY)
(9/16) Andrea Fuertes Llanos (*) (BOL)
(17/18) Giselle Paulina Delgado Castillo (CHI)
(17/18) Camila Jose Gallegos Vega (CHI)

Final standings, South American Games 2022, doubles

Men’s Doubles Women’s Doubles Mixed Doubles
(1) Andres Felipe Herrera Gonzalez & Juan Camilo Vargas Heredia (COL) (1) Laura Viviana Tovar Perez & Maria Paula Tovar Perez (COL) (1) Lucia Paola Bautista Sarmiento & Ronald Palomino Galeano (COL)
(2) Alonso Rafael Escudero Roman & Rafael Thomas Galvez Zeuner (PER) (2) Maria Caridad Buenaño Araque & Maria Paula Moya Lopez (ECU) (2) Lujan Palacios & Francesco Marcantonio (PAR)
(3/4) Pedro De Aguiar Mometto & Diego Tschick Gobbi (BRA) (3/4) Giselle Paulina Delgado Castillo & Ana María Pinto Arias (CHI) (3/4) Maria Antonella Falcione & Leandro Ezequiel Romiglio (ARG)
(3/4) Jeremias Gonzalo Azaña Cornejo & Roberto Luciano Pezzota (ARG) (3/4) Pilar Etchechoury & Valentina Portieri (ARG) (3/4) Rafaela Albuja Sanchez & Javier Emilio Romo López (ECU)
(5/8) Alvaro Jose Buenaño Araque & David Sebastian Costales Sandoval (ECU) (5/8) Luciana Camila Castillo Barcena & Ximena Rodriguez Leigh (PER) (5/8) Thaisa Serafini & Guilherme Farnezi De Melo (BRA)
(5/8) Damian Casarino & Reinaldo Rafael Castillo (PAR) (5/8) Tatiana Damasio Borges & Laura Souza Bezerra Da Silva (BRA) (5/8) Andrea Fuertes Llanos & Gabriel Harold Torrez Porcel (BOL)
(5/8) Misael Alexander Ramos Castro & Cristhiam Fabian Roldan Lopez (BOL) (5/8) Taylor Marie Fernandes & Ashley Staci Khalil (GUY) (5/8) Maria Borja Velarde & Alvaro Daniel Garcia Cordova (PER)
(5/8) José Tomás Gallegos Vega & Matías Andrés Lacroix Nova (CHI) (5/8) Natalia Arancibia Peralta & Astrid Alisson Perez Arevalo (BOL) (5/8) Camila Jose Gallegos Vega CHI Lucas Perez (CHI)

Final standings, South American Games 2022, team

Men’s Team Women’s Team
Argentina Colombia
Brazil Argentina
Colombia Ecuador
Ecuador Chile
Peru Brazil
Chile Guyana
Paraguay Paraguay
Bolivia Peru

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