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EUSA meets with World and European Squash Federations

The European University Sports Association (EUSA) conducted an online meeting with both the World Squash Federation (WSF) and the European Squash Federation (ESF) on Thursday, May 6, with fruitful discussions held between the three organisations.

Present on behalf of the WSF in the virtual meeting was President Zena Wooldridge and CEO William Louis-Marie, while President Hugo Hannes and Championships Committee Chair Thomas Troedsson were present on behalf of the ESF,

EUSA representatives in the meeting included President Adam Roczek, Secretary General Matjaz Pecovnik and Assistant Sports Manager Liam Smith.

Representatives from all three organisations firstly gave a brief introduction of their work and activities, following which a discussion was had regarding the current global pandemic and its impact on sport.

Attention then turned to university level squash, where, amongst others, the 2018 World University Squash Championship, which took place in Birmingham, United Kingdom, was discussed.

The three organisations present agreed to work together to analyse the needs of university squash athletes, and to seek opportunities for future collaboration.

To learn more about both the World Squash Federation and the European Squash Federation and their work, please visit https://www.worldsquash.org/ and https://www.europeansquash.com/.

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