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Get ready for Women’s Squash Week

Soon, the squash world will come together to celebrate the 2022 Women’s Squash Week (17-24th September), an international campaign that aims to celebrate and raise the profile of female squash.  

Alongside national federations and our partners, we a delighted to help raise awareness of Women’s Squash Week and help empower women and girls to participate in squash.

Alongside organisations such as the PSA Foundation, we will be showcasing and highlighting a number of organisations we work with, as well as extraordinary stories of women and girls in squash. 

Other national bodies of squash are also getting involved with this motivational week. 

One of the biggest campaigns is being run by England Squash, whose “Rally Together” campaign plays a key role in encouraging and promoting women’s participation in Squash at all levels.

While a lot of progress has been made for women and girls in sport, bias still exists, making it difficult for female players and coaches to succeed.  

In order to drive change, we need male allies to be part of the conversation too, who consider women’s lived experiences and respect that it’s not just a woman’s responsibility to change the environment that creates barriers. 

Jo Rowbottom, Head of Partnerships and Communities at England Squash, said:

“Women’s Squash Week always has a real energy and excitement about it as clubs and venues host events that celebrate female squash and inspire more women and girls to get involved. Alongside these events we’re calling on the squash community to be an ally for females in squash. By ‘Rallying Together’ we can ensure we create environments that are open and welcoming for more women and girls and create more opportunities for women and girls to thrive in squash.” 

The PSA Foundation has also put together useful tips for what individual clubs can do, including:

  • Stage a female-only session during Women’s Squash Week to help encourage more women and girls to play again or try squash for the first time. 
  • Give a female coach the opportunity to design and run this session. 
  • If you don’t already, share more stories and imagery of female players at your club across your social media channels – this will help empower women and girls to join your taster session. 
  • Educate yourself on the issues your target audience face when it comes to participating in sport. Here is a great blog to get you started, and there are more resources on the Rally Together page.

On the last day of Women’s Squash Week, US Squash will be hosting the inaugural Women’s and Girls Summit at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center in Philadelphia, bringing a diverse group of players, coaches, leaders and parents together from around the country.  

Featuring workshops, seminars and on-court sessions, the summit will share knowledge and best practices for healthy, sustained engagement in squash for girls. 

Narelle Krizek, Assistant Director at US Squash, said: “US Squash and I are really looking forward to this year’s Women’s Squash Week, getting women from the United States and around the world back on court after some tough times with Covid.”

The summit is for players, parents & families, coaches and administrators, female or male, who are interested in supporting and creating positive experiences for women and girls in sports! You can read more about this summit here. 

We look forward to highlighting the amazing achievements of women in our sport as well as sharing all of the exciting events happening within this week. 

We want clubs across the globe to get involved- you can do so by submitting your event on the global map. 

Join in the conversation by using the hashtags #WomensSquashWeek #SquashTheGap 

You can also download the Women’s Squash Week logo to use  here. 

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