Squash, reasons why …

Squash is a worldwide sport, played in 185 countries, on 50,000 courts

1024-x-670-final-2Squash has had both male and female champions from every continent

Squash has a flourishing professional circuit with events in around 50 countries

Squash would be a low cost addition to the Programme

Squash could only add sixty four athletes

WSF would providing the two show courts needed and leave them as a legacy.

Squash has a short schedule so could share a venue

Squash is fully WADA compliant

The Olympic Games would be the pinnacle event for every squash player
Squash is gladiatorial without scoring by judges

Squash has truly embraced innovation in events and their presentation

Squash provides medal potential for many nations, including Japan

Squash already has great introductory programmes in Japan1024-x-670-final-1

Squash features a range of urban player programmes

Squash can showcase Tokyo using an iconic venue

Squash is already played in multi-sport Games e.g. Asian, PanAm, Commonwealth Games. Even Beach Games too.

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