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This score sheet has been designed to accommodate all referees, those who prefer the current vertical form as well as those who use the horizontal version. This will eliminate the need for 2 sided printing, and will also avoid the situation where a particular event provides only one of the current two sides, leaving some referees feeling uncomfortable with the side provided.

This score sheet can be used for point-a-rally (PAR) to either 11 or 15, hand-in, hand-out (HiHo) to 9, and for singles and doubles, both international and hardball.

This form has been designed using Microsoft Excel. Before printing it is essential that you click on the ‘file’ drop down menu, go to ‘Page Set-Up’, click on the tab marked ‘Sheet’ and then tick the gridlines box. This will ensure that the boxes appear under each game column.

There are 3 spaces across the top of the form where logos of Associations, sponsors, events, etc. can be inserted.

The black background area is also changeable and should be used for location, dates, etc. The background and font colours may be reversed if desired. Small logos could also be inserted here.

Please see WSF Score Sheet Instructions for complete instructions on how to complete the score sheet.

Please see the singles example sheet for the most common methods of scoring for singles (Games 1, 2, and 3). Game 4 shows a game where HiHo scoring was used, and Game 5 shows the method for scoring
a game using PAR to 15. Please note that “set 3” was chosen in this last game and the number 3 at the bottom of the column is bolded. In practice, the 3 should be circled for easier reference.

Please see the doubles example sheet for the most common methods of scoring for international doubles. Please note the importance of writing down the serving order, which must be observed throughout the match, and receiving side for each team, that must be followed during a game, but may be changed for a subsequent game.

To download a sheet to modify with sponsor or federation logos for use at your event, please use the blank score sheets provided, either the Letter version (North America) or the A4 version (the rest of the world).

WSF Score Sheet Instructions

WSF Singles Score Sheet Example

WSF International Doubles Score Sheet Example

Blank Score Sheet (Letter size) Blank Score Sheet (A4 version)

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