Rules of Squash

Singles Rules 2024

Effective 1 January 2024
Changes Approved on WSF AGM 25 November 2023 as follows:

To update wording of:

Rule 1.1, Rule 3.6.8, Rule 5.11, Rule 8.1, Rule 9.3, 14.1.1, Rule 14.2.1, Rule 14.2.2 (and add note), Rule 14.2.3 (and add note) Rule 14.3.1, Rule 14.3.2, Rule 15.6.4, Rule 15.6.4, Appendix 2.1 (and add definition) and Appendix 6

To make the grammatical changes to:

Rule 3.6.2, Rule 3.6.7, Rule 3.7.7, Rule 15.10.5  and Appendix 2.2

To amend wording of Rule 4.2 Rule 7.3 Rule 8.8.1 Rule 8.9.3 Rule 12.2.2 Rule Rule Rule 14.4 Rule 14.4.1 Rule 14.4.2 Rule Rule

To add new Rule 8.11.4

To amalgamate:

Rule 13.4.3 with existing rule 13.4.4 (subsequently Rule 13.4.5 to be renumbered 13.4.4)

Appendices 7, 8 and 9 Unify into Appendix 7 – Technical Specifications (subsequently Appendix 10 to be renumbered Appendix 8)


The Singles Rules have been subject to several revisions and updates over a lengthy period of time under various commissions and as such contain a variety of inconsistencies relating to grammatical, typographical and punctuation usage and also the inconsistent use of certain mandatory words and terminology.

The Commission was accordingly tasked by the WSF Executive Board to tidy up all of these minor revisions where applicable. The Commission furthermore received welcome submissions with suggested improved wording to the recent Blood Injury provisions and requests from the PSA and other sources to amend and or amplify certain specific rules to address perceived omissions or provide more clarity and guidance to officials. The attached schedule and proposed updated version of the Singles Rules accordingly comprises these revisions, corrections, and additions with a tracking of each such change with reference to the particular rule affected and the nature of the amendment and also the consolidation of certain appendices.


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Singles Rules 2024


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