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Opponent anticipates strikers next shot and starts early movement to where he assumes the ball will go. As a consequence, he is struck by the strikers racket (striker has executed a reasonable swing). He is injured and requires recovery time. Is this contributed or self inflicted? What is match outcome if he cannot continue?

It appears from your description that he was crowding his opponent who played his shot with a standard and not excessive swing. So the injury should be deemed self inflicted and 3 minutes injury time would be allowed. If ultimately he cannot continue the match will be awarded to his opponent.

Intentionally hurting the opponent and hitting the opponent with the ball What is the referee’s decision?

The Referee should award a Conduct Penalty against the player which should be at least a Conduct Stroke but more likely a Conduct Game or Match depending on how dangerous the situation.

Displaying 41 - 45 of 45123
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