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My opponent hits a loose two wall drop shot - does he have to move out of the way, and how ?

Full Question:

My opponent was in front of the "T". He was the outgoing player. I was behind him on the "T". He hit a loose two wall drop shot. The ball hit the right wall first then the front wall. How should the outgoing player move or not move to give me a direct path to the ball? Some people have said it's okay to stay on the "T". From what I've read the outgoing player must exit the "T". My thought is that the outgoing players only action would be to move forward and to the left. This would give me access to the ball and allow him to circle around.


There is no "right to the T", once you've played the ball you have to allow your opponent direct access to the ball. He can move anywhere he wants, but he has to move, otherwise it will be a stroke to you.  Of course, it's best not to play shots to the middle that force you to move out, giving your opponent positional advantage.

Cheers, Steve
(ps this page isn't supposed to be live yet, so well done on finding it, and I'm answering 'unnoficially' !

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