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SFA President Lucky Mlilo leads Ghana’s first official refereeing course ahead of 2023 African Games

In preparation for the upcoming African Games, the Ghana Squash Association [GSA] and the Squash Federation of Africa [SFA] recently organised a refereeing workshop in Accra to introduce the next generation of referees to the game and the World Squash Officiating programme.

With squash set to be included in next year’s African Games for the first time in 20 years, excitement is growing for the sport in the host country of Ghana and beyond.

SFA President Lucky Mlilo, who has refereed internationally and on the PSA World Tour, led the course in Ghana’s capital, which was the first of its kind and saw 30 aspiring referees from across Africa introduced to the fundamentals of squash officiating.

Mlilo explains the fundamentals of good squash officiating.

Mlilo explained afterwards that it was pleasing to see so many aspiring referees on the course and that he was optimistic there would be strong Ghanaian representation on the technical team for next year’s African Games.

He added: “My thanks and congratulations to Richmond [Quarcoo, President of the GSA] and his colleagues at the GSA for organising this course. Leading so many future referees, from a variety of backgrounds and locations, through their first steps towards being a world-class squash referee was such a rewarding experience.

“Over the two days of intensive work, the progress made by the workshop participants was heartening. I thank all who attended for their dedication and wish them the very best in what I am sure will be long and fruitful careers in squash officiating.”

Mlilo also said that having seen such a promising turnout for the refereeing course, more will now be scheduled, with further courses planned in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Malawi later this year.

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