Squash57 Rules (Dec 21)



Racket Specification Rules


Players stepping onto a squash court will expect to be on an equal footing with their opponents and that they will be playing by the same official rules thus ensuring ‘fair play’. The WSF has a clear and open process that enables our rules to evolve in the best interest of our sports and believes that the introduction of products made outside the specifications, as stated in the official rules, are counter to the best interests of our sports. We encourage players at all levels to play within the rules and thus promote fairness, which in turn leads to increased enjoyment and camaraderie.

From a practicality standpoint, longer rackets result in faster balls and increased risks thus potentially making our sports more intimidating to new players including segments that are important to the long-term health and enjoyment of our sports.

The SQUASH57 racket has the same length specification as both the American Racquetball racquet and the Australian Racquetball racquet. The details are contained in the SQUASH57 Rules, a link to which can be found above. Any racket longer than 22” (558.8mm) will not meet the specification requirements for American Racquetball, Australian Racquetball or SQUASH57. Any racket weighing more than 280g will not meet the specification requirements for SQUASH57.


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