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Squash at The World Games 2022: Day One

It’s the first day of action at The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, USA, with a whopping 26 matches kicking things off!

With the four top seeded men and the top two seeded women watching on from the stands after receiving byes, attention is on the likes of Germany’s Simon Rosner, a champion in 2017 and back on the world circuit after his retirement from the PSA World Tour in 2020, and France’s Coline Aumard, who called time on her World Tour career at the end of the 2021/2022 season.

For the home fans, there are five US representatives in action today, with Marina Stefanoni and Haley Mendez up against Colombia’s Laura Tovar and Japan’s Erisa Sano Herring, respectively, in the women’s draw and Christopher Gordon, Faraz Khan and Shahjahan Khan all featuring in the men’s draw.

Play in Birmingham, Alabama, gets underway at 09:00 (GMT-5), with the competition using best-of-three scoring until the semi-finals. You can keep up to date with the live results as they happen right here. The Olympic Channel will provide live streaming of The World Games squash finals on July 17.

2022 World Games Men’s Draw

[1] Gregoire Marche [FRA] v [BYE]

Rhys Dowling [AUS] v [9/16] Christopher Gordon [USA]

[9/16] David Baillargeon [CAN] v Rafael Galves [PER]

Sergio Garcia Pollan [ESP] v [5/8] Faraz Khan [USA]

[5/8] Dimitri Steinmann [SUI] v Alerii Fedoruk [UKR]

Sean Conroy [IRE] v Ronald Palomino [COL]

[9/16] Jakub Solnicky [CZE] v Filip Jarota [POL]

[3/4] Raphael Kandra [GER] v [BYE]

[3/4] Victor Crouin [FRA] v [BYE]

Harley Lam [HKG] v [9/16] Yannick Wilhelmi [SUI]

[9/16] Yannick Omlor [GER] v Joseph White [AUS]

Vini Rodriguez [BRA] v [5/8] Shahjahan Khan [USA]

[5/8] Baptiste Masotti [FRA] v Dima Scherbakov [UKR]

Simon Rosner [GER] v [9/16] Balazs Farkas [HUN]

[9/16 Martin Svec [CZE] v Jeremias Azana [ARG]

[2] Miguel Rodriguez [COL] v [BYE]

2022 World Games Women’s Draw

[1] Tinne Gilis [BEL] v [BYE]

Maria Moya [ECU] v [9/16] Nikki Todd [CAN]

[9/16] Marina Stefanoni [USA] v Laura Tovar [COL]

Nadiia Usenko [UKR] v [5/8] Satomi Watanabe [JPN]

[5/8] Emilia Soini [FIN] v Ching Hei Fung [HKG]

Kincso Szász [HUN] v [9/16] Saskia Beinhard [GER]

[9/16] Jessica Turnbull [AUS] v Jia Liu [CHN]

Céline Walser [SUI] v [3/4] Coline Aumard [FRA]

[3/4] Anna Serme [CZE] v Katerina Tycova [GER]

Riina Koskinen [FIN] v [9/16] Alex Haydon [AUS]

[9/16] Cheng Nga Ching [HKG] v Anastasiia Kostiukova [UKR]

Hannah Chukwu [HUN] v [5/8] Lucy Beecroft [ENG]

[5/8] Haley Mendez [USA] v Erisa Sano Herring [JPN]

Lucia Bautista [COL] v [9/16] Karina Tyma [POL]

[9/16] Nadia Pfister [SUI] v Hannah Blatt [CAN]

[2] Melissa Alves [FRA] v [BYE]

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