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Squash Australia launches LGBTQ Inclusion Policy

Squash Australia has announced the launch of its LGBTQ+ policy, marking the occasion on the same day as International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

The below report was first published on squashaus.com.au

As a Pride in Sport member, Squash Australia is committed to creating welcoming, inclusive environments and supporting LGBTQ+ athletes, coaches and officials.

Throughout 2022, Squash Australia was a proud Pride in Sport Collective member, a coalition of 12 National Sporting Organisations. This project, funded by the Australian Sports Commission, included a range of outcomes for our sport, including education and awareness, stakeholder consultation, policy development, resource creation and community engagement.

“As the national peak body for squash, Squash Australia has an essential role to play in fostering healthy, safe, inclusive and respectful behaviours in sport that foster a true sense of togetherness and community,” said Robert Donaghue, Squash Australia CEO.

“Through the Pride in Squash Roadmap 2022-2026, Squash Australia will do all it can to address behaviours to ensure that all individuals, are treated with respect, courtesy and fairness, and that the standards expected by our community are maintained at all times.”

Pride in Sport National Program Manager, Beau Newell, praised participating sports for their commitment to the project. “The research-based approach taken by the Pride in Sport Collective provides a roadmap for other sports to follow,” he said. “We hope that the initiatives implemented by the 12 national sporting bodies involved will inspire more organisations to take action on LGBTQ+ inclusion.”

Squash Australia is one of five NSOs which has today formally adopted its LGBTQ+ Inclusion Policy, a historic step forward the sport has taken to create a supportive environment for anyone who wants to participate.

Coinciding with the Inclusion Policy launch, Squash Australia in conjunction with Pride in Sport has released LGBTQ Resource Guides for PlayersAdministrators and Peers & Allies.

“There’s so much work still to do in this space, but we’re proud of the efforts Squash is taking to provide an inclusive atmosphere for the LGBTQ+ community,” said Donaghue. “The Rainbow Racquets tournament at World Pride was an amazing occasion and I know participants from around the globe would love to come back if a similar can be staged in the future.”

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