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Squash Rackets Association of Zimbabwe Looks to Get Squash Back Up and Running in Schools

The Squash Rackets Association of Zimbabwe (SRAZ) has donated squash rackets and balls to Hillside Teachers’ College in the city of Bulawayo in a bid to resurrect the sport there.

SRAZ hopes to get the sport revived at the college and included on the physical education curriculum. The courts are also in need refurbishment having not been used since 2004, so SRAZ has pledged to assist the college.

Hillside Teachers’ College is a government institution that provides teacher education for students who wish to be secondary school teachers. The College is in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city.

“We noticed in Zimbabwe that when squash playing children leave secondary school and join tertiary institutions, they are unable to continue the sport as most of these institutions no longer offer the sport,” said SRAZ Chairman Dr. Lucky Mlilo.

“The facilities have deteriorated in standard due to non use over the years. It is our mandate to revive the sport at tertiary institutions and we hope to walk with the corporate world in our endeavour.”

For more information on the work that SRAZ is doing, please visit the Squash Federation of Africa website.

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