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Squash to be included in 2024 Pan-American Masters Games

The organising committee for the 2024 Pan-American Masters Games has confirmed that squash will be included in the schedule when the Games takes place in Cleveland, Ohio that summer.

The Games, which are projected to feature over 7,500 athletes from 50 different countries, are a multi-sport event for athletes aged 30 and above and are scheduled to be held every four years.

Squash previously featured in the inaugural 2016 edition, held in Vancouver, Canada.

Cleveland, Ohio, home to 373,000 people and host of squash at the 2024 Pan-American Masters Games.

“We are pleased to see that squash will be included in the programme for the 2024 Pan-American Masters Games and I am sure that all of our Masters athletes are incredibly excited to perform in Cleveland,” said WSF Chief Executive William Louis-Marie.

He added: “I’d like to thank the Cleveland 2024 organising committee for including squash in the programme and I look forward to watching the world’s leading squash Masters players show their skills on the court.”

Federacion Panamericana de Squash (FPS) President Francisco Paradisi said: “I’m very happy, excited and looking forward to work with the organising committee for the success of squash and the Games. Currently, there is an extremely vibrant Master’s circuit running in South America. The Caribbean Area Squash Association, CASA, Squash Canada and US Squash have hosted major annual Master’s Championships for well over three decades.

“The Pan-American Masters Games is recognised globally as the pinnacle master’s multi-sport event of the Americas. Squash is a game for life and the FPS is thrilled be able to showcase our Masters players in Cleveland 2024.

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