#SquashTogether Toolkit


As courts start to re-open in some countries, we are hopeful we’ll be able to enjoy squash in its usual form again soon. We know times have been challenging and there is still a long road ahead, so we are looking for ways to help keep the squash world positive and let national federations, squash organisations, players, professionals and fans know we’re all in this together.

For those who are struggling or looking for ways you can help promote positivity throughout the uncertainty, together with the PSA we’ve developed a collection of creatives that make up the #SquashTogether initiative. 

#SquashTogether is our community’s way of saying we’re all in this together and we’ll meet again on the court soon! 

Spreading positivity

We’ve developed a toolkit to help you spread the word that we’re united through squash and some templates that you can personalise yourself. We believe it’s important that federations, players, clubs and squash professionals band together, spreading #SquashTogether is how you can show your support and strength to the community.

We’ve created videos and graphic templates for a range of online platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, these sizes will fit a range of websites and newsletters too.

The blank templates have been created for you to add your own message, we think it’s important that you determine the words and the purpose so the message will resonate with your following and members.

For those without a designer, there are plenty of free tools you can use to edit the content, for example canva. Click to view social media graphics and some videos ready for you to use.

We’ve also developed some stings and overlays that you can use to apply to your own videos and images. 

Stings – to be added at the beginning/end of campaign videos.

Overlays – to put over images and/or videos to show they’re part of the same campaign.

Logos – feel free to add the #SquashTogether logos to any of your own content.

Please find the full #SquashTogether toolkit here.

Those looking to raise money

With professional tours suspended, the 2020 World Championships postponed and the competitive sport essentially on hold, we know many of you may be finding it hard to keep yourselves and businesses going. If you’re interested in fundraising, you can also use the #SquashTogether creatives to communicate your cause and find additional revenues to cope with this difficult period.

Here are some useful tips on online fundraising: 

If you’d like to do an auction to create funds, here are some ideas on what you could auction:

  • Time with a coach
  • Time on court with a player
  • Zoom chat with a coach/player/official squash professional
  • New squash gear offered by your local sponsor
  • Squash gear used and signed

There are lots of websites you can use to host your auction, for example: https://www.32auctions.com and https://www.sponsorme.co.uk/sponsor-me.aspx. The #SquashTogether creative assets above can be used to promote the auction too.

We hope you find these materials useful. Please share this page with our squash stakeholders who would like to get involved, this initiative is for the whole community.

We’re strong and we know we’ll get through this, together. Let’s spread the word.


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