Stepping Down

“To: WSF President
cc: WSF Executive Board
Date: 29 March 2019

The Olympic bid is over – sadly, far earlier than we had hoped – and the challenges facing us need strong impetus as we consider our future relationships and strategy.
With this in mind I have decided that it is the right time for both WSF and myself for me to step down as CEO.
I saw the Olympic bid through as promised but if I stay a little longer I will only be hanging around and hanging on.
Instead, I should be letting a fresh CEO make a start. It is definitely in our best interests not to delay.
For myself, I set off with the intention of working in squash for a couple of years before getting a ‘proper’ job. Instead of that brief period I have spent 43 years on the front line of our sport, and it is the right moment for me to step down from a central role, but step back a little too.
I have been incredibly fortunate in having three jobs in the 43 years that I have been passionate about – in a sport that I love too.
I have been supported by the stellar talents of Lorraine and Jazz (and before them Heather Hills at WISPA), who have masked so many of my failings and enabled me to muddle through. It is time to release Lorraine and Jazz from their burden!
So, to get the formality out of the way I am writing now so that there is the opportunity for the Board to discuss arrangements now and in Lisbon before I finish at the end of June.
As it happens, 30 June also marks the last day of the WSF Ambassadors Programme, and I can think of no better final day – one spent promoting our sport.
 My intention is to carry on working if an opportunity arises, and ideally in squash. Also to have time to fulfil my vision of a Squash Archive so that squash’s books, programmes, handbooks, magazines and films are collected together and available in perpetuity. (The next natural stage is a squash museum, but one thing at a time!).
While I do not know what shape my future will be; my passion to see WSF succeed is undimmed. You can be sure that if possible and needed I will help with the transition for my successor as much as I can. Obviously before 30 June, but I am also very open to discuss some form of support assistance afterwards if that is desired.
To conclude, I would like to thank you Jacques, and the Board members too for all your friendship and support.
While I first joined a WSF committee in 1985, and acted as TD for World Championships from the institution of the role in 1990 until I started on the staff in 2010, actually working full time for WSF has been a great chapter of my life.


Andrew Shelley
Chief Executive”

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