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Syrian refugee enrolled in top educational institution with help of charity Squash Dreamers

Squash Dreamers, a partner organisation of the PSA Foundation, has announced that one of its participants, 12-year-old Syrian refugee Israa, has been selected to attend a programme run by one of the Middle East’s best educational facilities.

Squash Dreamers is charity dedicated to training Syrian refugees and underprivileged Jordanian girls in Amman to become competitive squash players. They also provide English language education with the hopes of enrolling them in schools and universities with squash programmes.

Israa has been participating in the Squash Dreamers programme for three years alongside her sisters, who all left their home country during the war.

Israa (left), holding a Jordanian newspaper covering her achievement.

“Despite the challenges she has faced, she remains a highly motivated young lady who works incredibly hard in both English and squash and never fails to do all she can to better herself and work towards her big dreams,” says Daisy Van Leeuwen-Hill, Squash Dreamers Executive Director.

She added: “The Summer Enrichment Program is run by King’s Academy, one of the top educational institutions in the Middle East with a world class university counselling service that receives young people from around the world to study at their boarding campus in Madaba, Jordan. Israa can expect to take part in classes to take her academics to the next level while boarding with them, growing in confidence and sharing her sporting hobbies with others.

“We are extremely grateful to King’s Academy for this incredible opportunity, one that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our donors funding the Squash Dreamers program that has prepared Israa to this point. We look forward to seeing our other girls follow suit and apply for educational programmes on scholarships when they are ready which will in turn transform their future prospects.

“For now, let us share our gratitude with every single one of our supporters that has enabled this to happen and our wonderfully supportive in-country team while extending our warmest congratulations to Israa.”

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