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The Outdoor Squash Survey: Overwhelming public support for outdoor game as results published

The results of the Outdoor Squash Survey have been published, with over 1,000 responses from 65 countries around the world providing valuable insights into the perception and potential of outdoor squash.

A spokesperson for the PSA Foundation, which conducted the survey, said: “Outdoor squash symbolises accessibility and opportunity to enjoy the game at a grassroots level and have fun playing a fast-paced and social game.

“Each court may not look the same and will adapt to its environment, enabling more and more people to take part in our fantastic sport.

“A number of outdoor squash courts have appeared around the world, with the Iran Squash Federation utilising a low-cost solution to increase participation, and The Instel Steel Outdoor Squash Invitational Pro Tournament having professional players on tour compete on a unique steel court.

“This research, both the positive and constructive feedback, will contribute to our aim to grow outdoor squash around the world.

“We are optimistic and excited to further progress this innovative movement.”

Commenting on the value of outdoor squash, England’s World No.43 Nathan Lake said: “Outdoor squash is a revelation, it gets the game out of private clubs and into the public eye and above all it provides a great environment to play squash.”

Survey Insights

  • 70 percent of respondents were squash fans or recreational players, with 11.5 percent having decision-making roles in regards to squash.
  • 90 percent of respondents said they enjoy physical activity outside, with a further 83 percent agreeing that outdoor squash is something that would grow participation levels in the sport
  • Over 88 percent would personally enjoy being able to play squash outdoors as well as their indoor squash sessions
  • 83 percent also believe that having opportunities to play squash outdoors in public settings would help grow membership levels at squash clubs
  • 28.5 percent of the respondents felt that there could be challenges to playing squash outdoors, with bad weather, too cold/hot weather, and cost of building outdoor facilities the leading concerns.
  • Other possible challenges of introducing outdoor squash that were highlighted included issues around vandalism, ongoing maintenance that may be required of the courts, awareness being too low for the courts to be used often enough, and potentially complicating the sport by introducing new formats of playing.

You can download a more in-depth summary of the survey results here.

You can also download all individual responses here as an Excel file. This data is available to the public to aid any presentations, proposals or grant applications for outdoor squash projects that may be in motion around the world. 

Learn more about outdoor squash.

The winners of the attached competition to the survey will be announced next week.

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