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TPoint Takes Squash Outside In Spectacular Tel Aviv Unveiling

The dream of taking squash to the public has become a reality with the launch of the first smart outdoor squash court complex in a park in the centre of the Israeli city Tel Aviv.

The spectacular TPoint initiative is the brainchild of entrepreneur Yossi Fixman (pictured below), in partnership with the world’s leading squash court manufacturer ASB.

Yossi Fixman
Yossi Fixman

Traditionally confined to indoor locations and hidden from public view, Squash is set for a profile breakthrough as TPoint bids to establish standalone squash hubs in outdoor areas all around the city, increasing access to sports facilities and raising exposure for the game.

The €1.5M TPoint Tel Aviv hub features four multifunctional ASB GlassCourts that are fully controlled by the TPoint app which allow players to practice all year round in outdoor environment.

“The beautifully designed electronic squash courts, with innovative technology, will create a new and exciting sport experience,” said Fixman. “We believe that by bringing squash from ‘hidden’ areas to visible outdoor places around the city, the number of participants will increase each year by exposing squash as healthy, competitive, fun and social sport activity.”

Christof Babinsky, Managing Director, ASB SquashCourts, added: “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION – the beauty of TPoint is the complete elimination of compromise. The courts look incredibly clean and stylish. The innovative use of special glass, steel and light, and years of experience in pre-manufactured structures allows ASB to introduce this versatile and minimalistic approach to squash.

“TPoint provides maintenance-free playing equipment. It allows the main focus of investment to be put on the player-relevant hardware. The overall system provides ideal playing conditions at all times during the day and year and it makes this incredibly attractive sport visible to the public. At the same time, it provides a social hub for the active and healthy.

“We are incredibly proud of it. Whether you understand squash or not – look at it!”

The pioneering new Tel Aviv facility has been warmly welcomed by the nation’s squash federation: “TPoint squash courts are the first of their kind in the world and were built to the highest international standards,” said Israeli Squash Federation chief Aviv Bushinsky. “Playing inside a glass court enclosed within four transparent walls, is a supreme feeling. Just like playing on the Wimbledon main court!

“This is breaking news for squash players in Israel and around the world. I wholeheartedly hope that now that the TPoint squash centre is launched and is accessible to the public, the many sports enthusiasts in Israel will discover this wonderful sport and thus becomes a power in the field, just like our neighbours Egypt, where many of the world champions, including the current ones, come from.

“From today, there is no reason why Israel should not be on the map of international competitions and Israeli players will be at the top of the world rankings.

“On this occasion, I would like to take my hat off to the developers, the Tel Aviv Municipality and its sports department, who have adopted the innovative facilities to enhance the sporting lifestyle in general and the squash industry.”

For further information, including more images and a video, visit: asbsquash.com/products/tpoint-smart-outdoor-squash-court/

For further technical details, contact schmidl@asbsquash.com

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