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World Squash Day 2021 Toolkit

Bouncing Back on World Squash Day: After a tough year it’s time to put the fun back into the game.


Fun days and food for families and friends.

Squash is bouncing back on World Squash Day 2021 as clubs the world over plan a global programme of fun days to kick-start the sport.

The big countdown is on, with the WSF encouraging every club and federation to work on attracting a new generation of players and welcoming back all those who may be slow to pick up their rackets again after a year of lockdown.

The message is simple: let’s all focus on a day of fun for everyone.

Note to all Member Nations: Please keep the calendar free of other events so that we can concentrate on delivering a powerful and effective global campaign to relaunch the game in style on World Squash Day.

Here is plan for every club and federation to make the most of World Squash Day 2021.

Title: World Squash Day 2021

Date: Saturday October 9th 2021. Please make sure it’s in your event diary, and keep the day clear to encourage every club on the plant to join in.

Target: Partner with every media outlet possible to help relaunch and reinvigorate the game following the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


World Squash Day will once again launch a major social media campaign to promote the sport.

Keep your community informed with regular posts and please share them with the World Squash Day social media pages:

Twitter: @WorldSquashDay
Facebook:  WorldSquashDay
Instagram: worldsquashday

Whenever you post to social media, please make sure you copy in @WorldSquashDay @WorldSquash and @PSAWorldTour

Please add the following hashtag with every post:


Be as creative as you like with Photoshop!

Media Coverage: Don’t delay, start today!

All member nations are encouraged to start planning for World Squash Day as soon as possible!

1: Start by posting the date and the logo on your federation website home page.

2: Create a special section to include all the media releases from the WSF and ourselves during the countdown to the big day, plus news from all your local clubs.

3: Download the logo from the World Squash Day Facebook or Twitter pages and share with all your clubs. If you need the logo in any other format, please contact Alan Thatcher at alan@squashmad.com

World Squash Day Helps Out

World Squash Day will continue to support numerous good causes this year.

In 2020, our friends at I-Mask donated a large number of  face shields that were adapted for medical and dental use.

The World Squash Day Auction also raised funds for the PSA Foundation We Are One campaign, designed to help professional players experiencing difficulties.

Some of the funds also went to support the World Squash Library.

The power of social media

Clubs, federations, sports brands and individual fans have fully embraced World Squash Day on social media, resulting in around one million engagements across various platforms over the past two years.

Let’s try to smash that figure this year, with a constant flow of posts in advance to promote World Squash Day, and then creating a massive wave of activity on the big day itself.

Involve your local and national media

To gain extra publicity, and to raise the profile of squash, please share your posts with local media outlets: TV, newspapers, radio and news websites.

Important website links: 

World Squash Day:             www.worldsquashday.net

World Squash Federation:            www.worldsquash.org

PSA World Tour:                  www.psaworldtour.com

Don’t forget the food!

The social nature of squash always comes to the fore on World Squash Day with some brilliant barbecues, beautiful bake-offs and a whole array of glorious, yummy cakes!

The World Squash Day 2021 bake-off resulted in two fabulous offerings in the final, with some cookies from England and a gorgeous cake from Sweden.

The lovely cake from Linköping

The winning buns from Leamington.

Have fun and stay safe.

It goes without saying that staging World Squash Day events will be subject to Covid regulations and possible restrictions that may apply at the time.

While planning events, please follow local health directives at all times.

Our mission is to relaunch and re-energize our wonderful sport.

But the priority is simple: Have fun and stay safe.

Further information.

If you need any help, or if you would like to share some great ideas of your own, please feel free to contact WSD Founder Alan Thatcher: alan@squashmad.com


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