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World Squash Day launches #WHYILOVESQUASH campaign across social media

Following the 50 days to go landmark on Friday, World Squash Day reaches out to the entire global squash community with today’s launch of a social media campaign with the hashtag #WHYILOVESQUASH.

The project will be rolled out across social media and every player on the planet, from humble club beginners up to the game’s leading professionals, will be invited to contribute to the campaign.

World Squash Day founder Alan Thatcher, publisher of the Squash Mad website, said: “The hashtag idea gives everybody the chance to share a special moment or a special story on social media. 

“Squash has given me so much enjoyment down the years, and so many friends all over the world, that I am happy to give back to this very special game.

“The squash community feels like a global family. The fun and fitness aspects are simple to explain, but for many people that love of the game goes a lot deeper and for some unique reasons.

“Those are the stories we will be inviting our friends to share.”

World Squash Day takes place on Saturday October 10 and although COVID-19 restrictions will put a stop to mass gatherings inside clubs, organisers are switching their attention to creating the biggest social media campaign in the sport’s history.


Instead of the traditional option of inviting newcomers to try out the game inside clubs, World Squash Day Ambassadors will take to the streets to promote the game.

Further information from Alan Thatcher.

Email: alan@squashmad.com

Website: www.worldsquashday.net


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