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World Squash Federation launches Squash57 Fast Track Fundamentals course.

The World Squash Federation (WSF) has recently launched a new Squash57 Fast Track Fundamentals course, which will introduce qualified squash coaches to the specifics of playing and coaching Squash57. 

The course modules, which can be taken by candidates at their own leisure and pace, are done online and take approximately half a day to complete.

Squash57 Commission Chair Patrick Osborn, whose commission developed the course with John Cordeaux working in close collaboration with Mark Fuller (UK Racketball) and Tim Vail (10-time National Champion), explained the strategy behind the new course: “Wherever there is a squash court and access to Squash57 equipment we are seeing the inclusive sport of Squash57 taking off and our Squash57 commission fielding requests for Squash57 rule clarifications.

“There is a thirst for knowledge from the players and the demand for suitably qualified coaches. We have collaborated with the most knowledgeable, experienced and respected people in the Squash57 world to develop this online Squash57 Fast Track Fundamentals course.

“This course will enable squash coaches to quickly and easily understand what Squash57 is and the important differences between squash and Squash57. This course will help squash coaches and squash court facility owners to diversify their offering, grow their revenue streams and keep their squash courts busy with this easy to start, hard to stop lifetime sport.”

Course Details
Candidates must be at least WSC Level 1 coaches or of equivalent national level and need a WSF SPIN, which they might already have as player or can obtain here.

For registrations, please contact the WSC Programme Manager coaching@worldsquash.org and provide your SPIN number and a copy of your coaching certificate.

Once approved, you will receive the access link, which allows you to register and purchase the course at a price of GBP £49.

About Squash57
Squash57 (also known as racketball in the UK) is a racket sport which uses a larger head racket and a larger (57mm), bouncier ball than in squash. This leads to fun aerobic lifetime sport that is suitable for all ages and abilities which is easy to start, hard to stop.

Find out more about Squash57.

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