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World Squash Officiating update November 2020

The PSA and WSF have been working hard in partnership to create World Squash Officiating; an online education and assessment website that is primarily aimed to standardise squash officiating qualifications worldwide, as well as containing useful resources such as a video library of decisions using recent SquashTV clips, an easy to navigate rules section with example clips, and a download section with handy PDF versions of the rules, line of thinking decision flow charts and template score sheets.

Beginning with a free basic rules test (Level 0) through to the highest level of elite referees (Level 5), the platform is for all squash players wishing to improve their knowledge of the game with the aim of creating a worldwide standard in refereeing and a clear referee pathway from grass roots to the highest level of WSF and PSA events.

Each level is split into multiple modules and contains a mixture of text, YouTube videos, PowerPoint video presentations, SquashTV voiced clips with explanations, mid-level tasks and end of level assessments containing multiple-choice questions and video clips.

The benefits of adopting the WSO courses include having access to new and up to date content, explanations and current interpretations and exclusive video library content from SquashTV that will continue to grow organically over time. The WSF and PSA will only use WSO qualified referees for major events.

The good news: we are planning beta testing imminently with a small number of referees selected by the WSO Advisory Board, before launching the site fully in January.

This project will continue to develop over time and a ‘Phase 2’ is planned to follow on immediately after initial launch to add extra features such as:

  • Extra language options
  • Level 4 and 5 courses along with appraisal modules
  • Ongoing addition of video clips into the video library

We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all those who have participated to this journey in particular the European Squash Federation and England Squash for their financial contributions and their confidence in our capacity to jointly conduct this project.

World Squash Officiating update May 2020

Following the last presentation given at the WSF AGM in October 2019 here is the latest progress on the World Squash Officiating (WSO) project.

WSO have now confirmed the following to oversee the running of WSO post the launch of the website in July 2020.

1. Appointment of WSO Management Team

William Louis-Marie, WSF CEO

Alex Gough, PSA CEO

Roy Gingell, WSO Director

Lee Drew, WSO Development Lead

2. Appointment of WSO Advisory Board

The WSO Advisory Board will consist of 9 people;

• Roy Gingell – WSO Director and Chair of WSO Advisory Board

• Lee Drew – WSO Development Lead

• Mike Collins – Africa

• Tahir Khanzada – Asia

• Marko Podgorsek – Europe

• Jordan Till – Oceania

• Dave Howard – PanAm (North)

• Leonardo Arozena – PanAm (Central/Caribbean/South)

• Kim Clearkin – PSA nomination

Significant work on the configuration of the WSO website has been progressing, which continues to be led by Chris Truswell, and is now nearing completion.

Currently in progress;

• Back end testing, functionality development and snagging is currently being undertaken.

• Content and format are being adjusted and updated as appropriate.

• Assessment criteria for each level supported by modules is being finalised.

• Resource pages to be reviewed by WSO Advisory Board.

• Website testing and final snagging to be completed by small group of referees prior to official launch.

• Projected launch July 2020.

We will continue to update you of any significant news, points of interest or development as a matter of course.

Many thanks,

WSO Management Team

WSO Advisory Board

The WSO Advisory Board is a group of individuals, representing the global squash community, who will bring unique knowledge and skills in the area of officiating, as well as assessment of officiating, and will bring support, offer recommendations and provide key information and materials in support of the WSO Management Team to deliver WSO’s strategic objectives.

This group does not have formal authority to govern the organisation but is rather there in support of delivery of the WSO project and ensuring it meets the requirements of the officiating community.


Membership will be reviewed annually by the WSO Management Team and all Advisory member appointments will need to be approved by the WSO Management Team and WSF Board.

Role and responsibilities

• Assist the WSO Management Team in the delivery of the WSO strategic objectives

• Assist in the ongoing development and monitoring of the WSO strategy, policies, materials and documentation

• Assist in the communication and delivery of WSO through the regional and national federations

• Assist in the communication and adoption of http://www.worldsquashofficiating.com/ as the centralised platform for worldwide squash officiating

• Assist in enabling the pathway of up and coming referees from the regions and nations through the WSO structure

• Assist in resolving WSO or referee issues that are raised to the WSO Management Team and / or the WSO Advisory Board

• Bi-monthly meetings via conference call or in person, if practical, in order to continually improve and help deliver the WSO project and its strategic objectives

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