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World Squash Officiating Online Education Tools Set for Beta Launch

The World Squash Federation (WSF) and Professional Squash Association (PSA) have been working hard in partnership to create World Squash Officiating; an online education and assessment website that is primarily aimed to standardise squash officiating qualifications worldwide.

As well as containing useful resources such as a video library of decisions using recent SQUASHTV clips, World Squash Officiating will also contain an easy to navigate rules section with example clips, a download section with handy PDF versions of the rules, line of thinking decision flow charts and template score sheets.

Beginning with a free basic rules test (Level 0) through to the highest level of elite referees (Level 5), the platform is for all squash players wishing to improve their knowledge of the game with the aim of creating a worldwide standard in refereeing and a clear referee pathway from grass roots to the highest level of WSF and PSA events.

Each level is split into multiple modules and contains a mixture of text, YouTube videos, PowerPoint video presentations, SQUASHTV voiced clips with explanations, mid-level tasks and end of level assessments containing multiple-choice questions and video clips.

The benefits of adopting the WSO courses include having access to new and up-to-date content, explanations and current interpretations and exclusive video library content from SQUASHTV that will continue to grow organically over time. The WSF and PSA will only use WSO qualified referees for major events.

WSF and PSA are planning beta testing imminently with a small number of referees selected by the WSO Advisory Board, before launching the site fully in January.

This project will continue to develop over time and a ‘Phase 2’ is planned to follow on immediately after initial launch to add extra features such as:

  • Extra language options
  • Level 4 and 5 courses along with appraisal modules
  • Ongoing addition of video clips into the video library

WSF and PSA would like to extend their most sincere thanks to all those who have participated to this journey, in particular the European Squash Federation and England Squash for their financial contributions and their confidence in WSF and PSA’s capacity to jointly conduct this project.

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