WSF Conference & AGM 2022

28 -30 October 2022, Chennai, India

WSF Conference 28 October & 29 October 2022

AGM Agenda 1 including Proposed Motions

Agenda 1 Annexure A1 Annexure B1 Annexure C1 Annexure D1 Annexure E1 Annexure F1
Annexure G1 Annexure H1 Annexure I1 Annexure J1 Annexure K1 Annexure L1 Annexure M1

AGM Agenda 2 including Proposed Motions

Agenda 2 Annexure A2 Annexure B2

Executive Board Report

Executive Committee Report

Audited Accounts

AGM 2022 Minutes

AGM Notice

AGM Notice for WSF in anticipation of incorporation in UK

Conference & AGM Registration details and online registration link

Conference & AGM Registration manual registration form

Delegate Attendance Form

Explanation regarding the need for two AGMs 

(Please click on the headings above to download the relevant forms)
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