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WSF Endorses ASB Referee System

The World Squash Federation (WSF) is backing an innovative new referee system developed by German squash court manufacturer ASB.

Final modifications of TopSquashReferee, a digital scoring system which electronically links the three referees operating on all-glass show courts, were made at the recent WSF World Cup in India.

Developed in conjunction with leading WSF international referees, the ASB TopSquashReferee system features iPods as referee terminals, working wirelessly to compute the decisions and display them for players and spectators on screens alongside the scores.

Now endorsed by WSF, TopSquashReferee can not only be designated for use at WSF World Championships but will also undoubtedly be in demand by event promoters who can introduce it to offer spectators an added element of interest as they watch decisions flashed up on a screen.

The screens can carry promotional messages in addition to the scores. But importantly, the system takes forward the decision-making process into the digital arena.

In welcoming ASB TopSquashReferee, WSF President N Ramachandran explained: “Everybody in squash works hard to improve the quality of management of matches along with their presentation.

“So, this ASB innovation will be a great asset to the professional game, and promoters alike. We are delighted that they have developed such an effective, easy-to-use and presentationally-exciting product for our sport.”

Specifications – along with purchase details, including a 20% introductory discount – can be found at: asbsquash.com/squash-court-renovation/topsquashreferee/

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