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WSF renews partnership with Teuton

The World Squash Federation (WSF) is delighted to announce a renewal of its long-standing partnership with Teuton Sports, with the German sportswear brand to remain the official shoe of the WSF.

Teuton Sports is one of squash’s leading brands, partnering with some of the game’s top players including former World No.1 Mostafa Asal, English No.1 and reigning Commonwealth Games champion Georgina Kennedy and French No.1 and reigning The World Games champion Victor Crouin.

Teuton Sports is a long-standing partner of the WSF, and has been the official shoe supplier since 2018.

Commonwealth Games champion Georgina Kennedy

WSF CEO William Louis-Marie said: “I am thrilled to confirm the renewal of the partnership between Teuton Sports and the WSF. Teuton Sports deservedly has a reputation as a leader within our sport and has long been at the forefront of advancements in squash, helping some of the world’s best athletes reach their full potential.

“Teuton Sports has been a close working partner of the WSF for a long time now and, on behalf of the WSF, I look forward to many more years of close cooperation and collaboration.”

Javier Rodriguez Cepeda, CEO of Teuton Sports, said: “As the CEO of Teuton Sports, I am incredibly proud to announce the renewal of our contract as the Official Shoe of the World Squash Federation for an additional three years. This marks a decade of consecutive partnership, a milestone that reflects our unwavering commitment to the sport of squash and its community. Over the past years, we have forged a strong and fruitful relationship with the World Squash Federation, one that we are thrilled to continue and build upon.

“Teuton Sports is dedicated to developing the world’s best squash footwear, focusing on performance, injury prevention, and environmental sustainability. Our commitment in these areas has yielded clear and tangible results, demonstrating the impact of our innovative approaches and rigorous standards. We are proud of the advancements we have made and remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence in squash shoe technology.

“The continuous growth and strengthening of Teuton as a global sports brand enable us to stay devoted to the expansion of squash and the creation of business opportunities for players, coaches, referees, shops, clubs, and federations involved in the sport. Our renewed partnership with the World Squash Federation is a testament to our shared vision for the future of squash, and we look forward to supporting the sport’s development and fostering its success worldwide.”

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