History of Squash Timeline

By James Zug

Open Timeline as a  PDF also see: A History of Squash in Ten 1/2 Chapters

Historically, both racquet and racket have been used in the game; here racquet is used for consistency and historical accuracy, except when referring to an organization’s title.  International squash (or softball) is the norm, unless the North American version of squash, hardball, is indicated.
[tm-timeline layout=”2″ visible-items=”1″ date-format=”7″ tag=”zug” anchors=”false” order=”ASC”] James Zug is the executive editor of Squash Magazine, the New York-based publication, blogs at SquashWord.com, leads the squash podcast “Outside The Glass” and is the author of six books, including two on the game: Squash: A History of the Game (Scribner, 2003) and Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear (Penguin, 2010). You can follow him on Twitter @squashword.

Open Timeline as a  PDF also see: A History of Squash in Ten 1/2 Chapters


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